Wednesday 6 September 2023

Why More People Are Choosing Cosmolle’s Activewear Sets?

Why More People Are Choosing Cosmolle’s Activewear Sets?Working out can be a lot more fun if you are dressed right. That’s because the kind of clothes you wear can have an impact on your mood. That’s the reason we are huge advocates of choosing activewear sets that make you want to hit the gym. Cosmolle is one of the best brands to choose for activewear and workout clothes.
In case you are wondering why you should choose Cosmolle, we are sharing some reasons that have captured our attention!

1. Eco-Friendly Fabric
When it comes down to the fashion industry, fast fashion plays a huge role in global warming and climate change. According to statistics, fashion production companies are responsible for 10% of total carbon emissions. However, when you look at Cosmolle, they are using eco-friendly and sustainable materials and practices, which means they want to help save the environment.

For instance, this activewear set is made from eco-friendly seamless fabric, which isn’t only comfortable but also plays a part in saving the environment.

2. Inclusivity
It can be extremely challenging for plus-size women to find activewear that makes them feel confident in their skin. That’s because the brands don’t have an inclusive size chart, so they end up wearing unattractive clothes to the gym. However, Cosmolle is doing things differently because they are inclusive in everything they offer.

Ranging from shorts to support bras and activewear sets, the sizes range from extra small to 2XL, so women of every size can get their hands on gym clothes. In addition, they are very careful about what image they are showing because they focus on body positivity.

3. Soft & Sustainable Material
The fabric plays an important role in choosing an activewear set or brand. So, it doesn’t matter if you want high waisted leggings or something else; Cosmolle has chosen sustainable material. They have chosen collagen polyamide yarn, which basically has biomimetic fibers with a permanent collagen coating.

When yarn is weaved and dyed, it creates a luxurious surface. In addition, the fabric is extremely soft (it feels so buttery on the skin). This material actually stimulates skin cell production, resulting in youthful, smooth, and soft skin.

4. Comfortable Cups
Every woman wishes to wear comfortable yet shape-refining bras, and Cosmolle has outdone itself. They have added built-in cups in the bras, which means you don’t have to worry about adjusting them all the time. In fact, they are 40% more lightweight as compared to cups in the market, promising a convenient and comfortable experience for women.

The best thing about these cups is that they are breathable, so you won’t feel hot even after a workout. Also, they can retain their shape even after 100 washes (if this isn’t value for money, we don’t know what is!).

The bottom line is that Cosmolle is a responsible brand when it comes to activewear. Ranging from inclusivity to sustainable fabrics, they have done everything to become a responsible brand!

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